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​​​​​​​Fundraiser season is right around the corner!

Does your group need to raise some DOUGH?

H5 Dough Togo specializes in Fundraisers for all Schools, Sports teams and Non Profits organizations!

What is H5 Dough Togo?

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H5 DOUGH TOGO is a Premium Handmade Pizza Dough

It's easy to use, convenient and probably the most versatile dough product on the market! Lots of pizza doughs are just that... Pizza dough. We like to call this Dough the "Hybrid of Doughs" You can make anything from Pizza to Pita Bread with this product!

Watch how to make delicious sticky buns with H5 Dough!

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Here's what some of our customers have to say!

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Fundraisers can have both the dough and the Pizza's,
or just one or the other!
We can customize your fundraisers to suit the exact needs of your group to help maximize the $$$ earned 
and we make, MAKING PIZZA EASY
and the BEST thing is.... it's an easy SELL
Earn 35-40% profit from the sale!!

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Over the past few years we have helped many groups raise thousands of dollars with our fundraiser program.